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Social-Collaboration Sites for Businesses

Posted by David Richards on August 7, 2011 5:20 AM EDT

“Commercial Networks” are revolutionizing how businesses drive growth

There's a broad class of business technologies arising that are experiencing fantastic growth. And they are as transformational as the Internet of the mid-90’s for those beginning to use them.  We call them "Commercial Networks.” 

Commercial Networks have a lot of the same features as “Social Networks” (think Facebook, Twitter & Yahoo Groups) except they are optimized for businesses and organizations.  They can be deployed by even the smallest of companies and they deal more appropriately with things like your brand, security, access control (who can and can’t get in) and other needs that organizations care deeply about. They encompass what is arguably the fastest growth sector in the convergence of media, technology and communications. Well known examples include Groupon, Four Square, and Yelp.  

So now we're seeing small businesses and large enterprises launching their own internal and/or externally focused versions of the same for business reasons very specific to them. Recent launches enabled by our own technologies include a social, e-commerce wine community launched by the Dallas Morning News (, a web presence that supports a leading financial mobile application (, and a civic volunteering-donation site here in Hampton Roads called "Hampton Roads Cares” in which we're collaborating with WVEC-TV  (

So what underlies a Commercial Network?  It's a network or community consisting of some combination of the following capabilities and all integrated together and easily deployed and supported:

  1. Mobile
  2. e-Commerce
  3. Collaboration (Groups and Projects)
  4. Content Management
  5. Contact - Account Management
  6. Service & Support
  7. Marketing

Our take on all of this?  It's an exciting time and the evolution of Commercial Networks, while already explosive, is only beginning.  It is the mid-90's all over again.  No single party will control all of the interesting Commercial Networks that will arise in the next 5 - 10 years. Our plan is to be a part of this and assist innovators who want to drive their businesses in new ways.  If you're one, contact us.

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Social-Collaboration Sites for Businesses
“Commercial Networks” are revolutionizing how businesses drive growth
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