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A program run by Old Dominion University to help Organizations diversify. For more information check out their website here.

Regional Innovation

This site brings together information, communications and tools to help drive innovation in Hampton Roads. We connect you with others, promote what you’re doing, and help your group work more efficiently through features like document management, activity tracking, and task management.

Visit the ENGAGE area for more details on these tools and also:

Schools from Shipping Containers

Campus in a Box is a startup, non-profit venture incubating in Norfolk. This short, 3-D simulation shows the concept. By transforming old shipping containers into technology-rich, network connected schools, our region becomes a leader in exporting another form of education. Very Jeffersonian.

Autism Village

A combination non-profit and for-profit venture that aims to make life easier for the estimated 2.8 million families that have children or family members somewhere along the "spectrum". The short video below tells part of the story. If you like what they're doing, visit their WEBSITE and "Like" them on Facebook

Hatch Norfolk


Hatch continues to motor along and we expect a lot of activity from them this summer. Located in the midpoint between Research Triangle Park and Northern Virginia, Hampton Roads is an ideal base camp to get a startup off the ground... and after spending the day working on the business, drive a few minutes to the Atlantic ocean for some sun, sand and beach volleyball.

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