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Dr. Eric Cole

Dr. Eric Cole’s Computer Security Specialist blog is a source of news and information related to expert witness services. A leading, industry-recognized computer security expert, Cole has more than 20 years of experience working on complex security challenges, founding and building new companies, products, and services, in addition to his role as a network security expert.

Andrew Hay

Andrew Hay leads research efforts for Open DNS, where he serves as Senior Security Research Lead & Evangelist. He’s often approached to provide expert commentary on security-industry events in the media, including both mainstream publications such as USA Today and niche publications such as TechTarget and Network World.

BH Consulting IT Security Watch

Run by Brian Honan and Lee Munson, BH Consulting IT Security Watch covers security news and major data breach news that impacts both consumers and enterprises. The blog is a monthly digital publication highlighting the most interesting news and articles related to the security field.


Adrian Hayter is a CHECK Team Leader and Senior Penetration Tester at CNS Hut3 and blogger behind Cryptogasm, where he covers pretty much everything of interest to the InfoSec community, including privacy and ethical hacking.

Dan Kaminsky’s Blog

Dan Kaminsky has advised Fortune 500 companies like Cisco, Avaya, and Microsoft, and he’s been a well-known security researcher for more than a decade. His blog, formerly known as DoxPara Research, features in-depth posts with insights on the most pressing security issues facing the industry, such as Heartbleed.

Dark Reading

a blog that has done a fine job of solidifying its position as a leading resource for the latest security news and information.

Elie Bursztein

Bursztein has some impressive achievements under his belt, such as the re-design of Google’s CAPTCHA to make it easier (an effort much-appreciated by Internet users everywhere), implementing faster cryptography to make Chrome safer, and identifying and reporting more than 100 security vulnerabilities to companies like Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, and Facebook.

Emergent Chaos

Started back in 2004, Emergent Chaos is home to hundreds of insightful posts with insights on just about everything pertaining to security and privacy, along with some random musings, all making for an informative and entertaining read.


Davi Ottenheimer is the chief blogger behind the flyingpenguin blog, offering in-depth analysis of information security news, events, and developments.

Graham Cluley

Graham Cluley has more than 30,000 followers on Twitter alone, and it’s no surprise given his impressive coverage of InfoSec news and developments. He’s an independent computer security analyst who’s been working in the field since the 1990’s, giving him plenty of background and expertise to offer expert commentary on the latest happenings in information security and related topics.

IT Security Guru

All the breaking IT security news you need to stay abreast of the latest happenings in the industry are found at IT Security Guru – first thing in the morning.

Kevin Townsend’s IT Security

Kevin Townsend’s IT Security blog aims to present and discuss information security in a “new and challenging manner.” A panel of leading information security experts contribute regularly, offering an expert perspective on many of the pressing news stories and incidents impacting the field of information security today.

Krebs on Security

An investigative reporter at heart, Krebs comes from a journalist background and has honed his self-taught expertise through over a decade of dedicated interest in security.

Liquidmatrix Security Digest

Liquidmatrix is committed to providing long-form articles and in-depth coverage of information security news and information, rebelling against the trend towards superficial coverage without added value.

McGrew Security

His blog, McGrew Security, is a reflection of his research interests as well as other information security news and events, including vulnerability analysis, reverse engineering, offensive cyber operations, digital forensics, and other topics of interest to security professionals.


Hinson covers topics of interest to both consumers and security professionals, with a casual style that allows him to talk about complex security happenings in language everyone can understand.

Roger’s Information Security Blog

Roger is again offering news and commentary on all things InfoSec, musings about his current employment situation, and the occasional personal anecdote.

Schneier on Security

Bruce Schneier's blog is another one of those must-haves for a list like this. Schneier on Security is in its 10th year of information security thought leadership, focusing on topics like cryptography, privacy, and government.

Security Weekly

Paul Asadoorian’s Security Weekly features a weekly live video broadcast, along with written posts, covering the latest InfoSec news, hacker techniques, tutorials, InfoSec research, and more.


ThreatPost is run by a team of recognized infosec experts with a focus on topics such as privacy, web security, vulnerabilities, and more.

Wired’s Threat Level

Wired is an established digital publication focused on technology and gear, but it’s not as widely recognized for its impressive coverage of the InfoSec realm, though it should be.

*The information above was gathered fromDigital Guardian

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