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Gold Star Program (GSP) began life in 2015 as a collaboration of Gold Star Mothers of Hampton Roads, Navy Region Mid-Atlantic (NRMA) and Concursive Corporation of Norfolk, Virginia.GSP has evolved into a private company that partners with Gold Star Mothers — a 501C3 and, very importantly, a significant equity holder in GSP — to provide crowd funding for Gold Star and Veteran causes, tell the stories of those Americans who died in service to our country, and be a safe haven, collaborative environment to support those in need.Patterned after highly successful companies in the broader media landscape, GSP might best be thought of as the GoFundMe (crowd funding), Hallmark Channel (story telling) and LinkedIn (connectivity and collaboration) for the Gold Star, veteran and military communities.

GSPs robust technology platform enables the company to drive four, core programmatic areas:

Good Deeds: This crowd funding component raises money for Gold Star and Veteran causes similar in manner to The site allows members to submit causes that need money, to vote on those they find the most worthy, and then donate funds through a digital wallet in the form of micro-transactions (i.e. $1, $2, $5 or larger).

One Million Stars: This program works in concert with schools, non-profits and CACO offices to share the fuller stories of the roughly one million people who died in service to our country.It encompasses profiles representing the military member, a brief story about them as told by their families, and a place for friends to post photos and share remembrances.

Events: This connects ordinary citizens with Gold Star and Veteran related happenings from around the nation.Events range from fundraising endeavors to community gatherings and helps move the connectivity created with GSP from online into real communities.

Thanks: A simple capability that allows registered users to write a brief message and say “Thanks” to individuals and families who have sacrificed for our country.

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