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Finding Things in Hampton Roads Innovations

There are three basic ways to find and track information in this portal as there are in most "community" type platforms. They are Browsing, Following and Searching. Most users rely on a combination of the three approaches depending upon their needs and personal styles.


Like the term suggests, browsing entails simply clicking on various module headers (e.g. "Programs", which you'll see above) and other links and then following the various threads. If you've ever used a web-based system -- like you're doing now -- you know how to do this. So Browse away!


This is perhaps the most common way users stay up to date with new information coming into Hampton Roads Innovations. Conceptually, it's similar to becoming a friend with someone on Facebook or being a part of a group in Linked In. Once you're "following" or have "joined" an entity in this system -- again, like a Program -- it's easy to get back to them and you can control how the system automatically pushes you updates on what's happening.


Sitting in the background of Hampton Roads Innovations is a powerful search engine that's accessed by simply typing in what you're looking for and hitting the "return" or "enter" key. The search box always shows up at the top of the site as seen below. In this case, it shows that Community Manager 2 has logged inScreen Shot 2020-03-24 at 12.07.56 PM.png

Some important things to know about the search capability of Hampton Roads Innovations.

1) Privacy/Permissions-Aware: What this means is, the search only brings back information, documents, blog posts and the like that you have permission to see. And the opposite is true; if for example you put something into a private, members only group, no one will be able to find or see it who's not a part of that group

2) Indexed Search: When you upload standard documents, write a blog, or add to a wiki, all of that data is automatically indexed so it can be found in a search. Again, it's important to point out as noted above, that information is not found if the person doesn't have permission to see it

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