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The information below was taken directly from the Commonwealth of Virginia's LIS law site. To make navigation a bit easier, we broke it into the titled sections.

The law incorporates a number of interesting sections, including how regions can and might work together and how reimbursements function. At a minimum, your elected officials need to know the specifics -- which they probably don't. Consider forwarding this link.


§ 44-146.13. Short title.

§ 44-146.14. Findings of General Assembly.

§' 44-146.15. Construction of chapter.

§ 44-146.16. Definitions.

§ 44-146.17. Powers and duties of Governor.

§ 44-146.17:1. Transmittal to General Assembly of rules, regulations, and orders.

§ 44-146.17:2. Annual statewide drill.

§ 44-146.18. Department of Emergency Management; administration and operational control; coordinator and other personnel; powers and duties.

§ 44-146.18:1. Virginia Disaster Response Funds disbursements; reimbursements.

§ 44-146.18:2. Authority of Coordinator of Emergency Management in undeclared emergency.

§ 44-146.18:3. First informer broadcasters; coordination with Department of Emergency Management.

§ 44-146.18:4. State Coordinator of Emergency Management responsible for annual Virginia Comprehensive Emergency Management Report.

§ 44-146.19. Powers and duties of political subdivisions.

§ 44-146.20. Joint action by political subdivisions.

§ 44-146.21. Declaration of local emergency.

§ 44-146.22. Development of measures to prevent or reduce harmful consequences of disasters; disclosure of information.

§ 44-146.23. Immunity from liability.

§ 44-146.24. Cooperation of public agencies.

§ 44-146.25. Repealed.

§ 44-146.26. Duties of emergency management organizations.

§ 44-146.27. Supplementing federal funds; assistance of federal agencies; acceptance of gifts and services; appropriations by local governing bodies.

§ 44-146.28. Authority of Governor and agencies under his control in declared state of emergency.

§ 44-146.28:1. Compact enacted into law; terms.

§ 44-146.28:2. Disaster relief assistance by out-of-state businesses and employees.

§ 44-146.29. Expired.

§ 44-146.29:1 Expired.

44-146.29:2. Expired.

The chapters of the acts of assembly referenced in the historical citation at the end of these sections may not constitute a comprehensive list of such chapters and may exclude chapters whose provisions have expired.

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