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Hampton Roads Wellness

This area on the HR Innovations Community is called the Wellness Cluster. It's here to provide a forum to individuals concerned about the health of the employee community in Hampton Roads.

Please use Discussion Forums to highlight areas of interest and begin a dialogue with other professionals to exchange ideas and increase your awareness of the latest trends in this important area.

You may also add short, Twitter like, comments on the Profile page in the What's New box or 'Post a Comment' on the mobile app.

If you choose to join the Cluster, you will have the option of receiving an email digest sent when new content is added to the cluster. You also have the abiiity of deciding how often you'd like to receive the digest - daily, weekly, monthly.

This Cluster can only thrive with active participation of its members, so please invite other interested friends, colleagues and co-workers. There is an Invite Others link on the Profile page and a 'Share...' option on the mobile app.

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