Bringing together information and people

to address the challenges we face

The Coronavirus is a pandemic like we've not seen in decades. Over the coming months our goal is to be a hub for local information and to connect people and organizations that need to work collaboratively and increasingly remotely. Then? Return to business as normal!

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Our near term mission is to provide local businesses with the tools and programs to better address the Coronavirus pandemic

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In normal times our core focus is to coordinate information and collaboration to advance our key commercial clusters.

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Thankfully our region is blessed with an abundance of the world class resources needed for helping us succeed.

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These incorporate content, live webinars, expert moderated forums and address issues critical to business continuity

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Regional Coordination

This site brings together information, communications and tools to help Hampton Roads work more collaboratively toward the issues we're tackling, whether it's a private business working with its team or a more open, broader community effort. We connect teams, promote what they're doing, and help them work efficiently through features like activity tracking, calendars, document management, blogs, video, trouble-ticketing and task management.

Over the coming months in an effort to help businesses and individuals address the Coronavirus, this site will increasingly aim to provide users with:

  • Updates: The latest, deepest local information we can find
  • Content: On organizations central to tackling the problems we face
  • Forums: Groups moderated by experts and on many critical matters

Governor Northam Declares State of Emergency

There's a lot to learn. Watch the video below and if you want deeper information as to how it might apply to your business, visit the public forum we've pulled up to disseminate information and begin connecting you with experts

Harvard Medical School on Coronavirus

An in-depth panel discussion among experts -- going viral; COVID-19 / Coronavirus and its regional and global implications


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In more normal times -- which we'll be back to shortly! -- our focus is on Hampton Roads economic development and innovation and greatly organized around those enterprise "clusters" that make us special.









Our Mission

Initially launched in concert with leading regional players to promote economic development and innovation, Hampton Roads Innovations tries hard to not duplicate the the good work done by others. But instead to be a platform that complements and accelerates their effort.

Read the Hampton Roads Declaration of Interdependence from many years ago (PDF file). It's remains relevant to this day.